VESTENAMER® - Environment and Safety

VESTENAMER® 8012 is manufactured by the High Performance Polymers Business Line. This attests to having introduced and using an environmental management system in conformity with the requirements of ISO 14001:2009.

Physiological and toxicological evaluation of VESTENAMER®

VESTENAMER® is a water insoluble solid polymer that under environmental conditions is not expected to have any adverse effects on plants, animals or microorganisms. It is non-toxic, not subject to a labelling requirement within the meaning of the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance, and not hazardous for water. In conformity with the regulations of the local authorities, this polymer may be disposed of through dumping or burning, similar to household waste. Our customer service center will supply you with an EC safety data sheet containing further information on request.
If VESTENAMER® is properly processed, no hazardous by-products are generated, though adequate ventilation and extraction of polluted air from the working areas should be ensured nonetheless.


With melt temperatures of higher than 250°C – 300°C, flammable gases are emitted during processing. Combustion with an adequate air supply yields carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and water. As the spectrum of cracking and combustion products depends to a large extent on the actual fire conditions, no general statements can be made here.