Rubber additive

VESTENAMER® for profile extrusion

In many areas of profile extrusion, the use of VESTENAMER® as an additive has become state-of-the-art.

Profile extrusion

Extruders are already taking advantage of its ability to:

- Increase the stability of the raw Profile  
- Improve flowability
- Improve surface smoothness
- Increase dimensional stability
- savings in specific energy consumption,
- low extrudate swell

Use in extremely hard profiles (e.g. profile mounts for angle profiles) is a particularly time-tested application. Here, VESTENAMER® results not only in increased vulcanization strength but significantly improved processability.

The advantages of VESTENAMER® in profile extrusion applications

With extremely low screw speeds, length and melt output as well as melt pressure in front of the nozzle is the same, while the extrudate swell and the specific energy consumption for compounds that contain VESTENAMER® are lower. As screw speeds increase, the length and melt output of such compounds increase quite sharply, as is the case with pure EPDM compounds.

Conversely, the melt pressure in front of the nozzle and the specific energy consumption behave just the opposite: the higher the screw speed, the more significant the difference between compounds with and without VESTENAMER®. For the former, the values are consistently lower. 

The advantages of VESTENAMER® are particularly clear at higher screw speeds, whereby increased length and melt throughputs in the double-digit percentage range are obtained 

- at lower values for specific energy consumption, 
- melt pressure, and
- extrudate swell.