Copy of the new version of the English websites, please fill in the Chinese content. VESTENAMER® FOR POLYMER-MODIFIED ASPHALT


Crumb rubber alone as a modifier functions as a non-reactive additive to asphalt. VESTENAMER® has an effect on the rubber particles in the sense that those are coated by a thin film of this polymer. This effect prevents the rubber particles from sticking together and results in the better dispersion of the particles in the bitumen matrix. That in consequence gives a better distribution in the asphalt mix where the rubber particles fully show their mechanical properties.

Advantages of GTR-modified asphalts include

- Easier mixing
- Faster paving
- Application at low road-surface temperatures
- Reduced cracking and rutting
- Longer service life
- Option of using in wet and dry mixing processes
- Lower road construction costs per kilometer
- VESTENAMER® is thermally stable to 270 °C
- Melting point 54 °C